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The video above is from a wedding at Charleston wedding venue,RunnyMede Plantation. Are you considering having your wedding in Charleston? After watching the video make sure to check out the links and additional videos below as it may help narrow your search as you weed through the vast selection of Charleston Wedding Venues for your special day.

In addition to venue links, we have also included a few other links from wedding vendors that service the Charleston area and have really stood out as being top notch whenever we have worked alongside of them.

Popular Charleston Wedding Venues

Popular wedding venues in Charleston, SC

Charleston is an absolutely wonderful city to have a wedding! In fact there have been many statistics and polls done that rank Charleston anywhere from the number 2 to number 5 place to have your wedding in the United States. Surprising, isn't it? Not really! Just walk around the streets of Charleston on any given weekend and it is almost a guarantee that you will see at least a couple of brides and or bridal parties walking down the sidewalks. The truly surprising part is that all those weddings you see going on downtown represent only a small portion of weddings happening in and around the city as there are many more plantations and other beautiful locations outside of town that serve as popular Charleston wedding venues.


Wedding venues in and around Charleston


The popularity of Charleston for weddings has of course given rise to the number of venues and properties that are available for rent as wedding venues. As a wedding videographer we have worked in quite a few Charleston wedding venues and have taken the time to type out some descriptions of the venues that really stood out in our mind as potentially being popular to brides.

Thomas Bennett House
- The Thomas Bennett House is a beautifully resored home rich with Charleston archetecrual influence. The interior of the house is spacious and leads out to a very large piazza which overlooks the wonderful gardens on the property. The location of the house is literally in the middle of downtown, but being surrounded by gardens and trees makes it feel like your on a private property or plantation far away from town.

The Mills House
- The Mills House is a abssolutely beautiful hotel located in the heart of Charleston. Combining an atmosphere mixed with modern and historic appeal the Mills House is definately a Charleston Wedding Venue that you will not forget! Combine the awesome settings they have with the fact that many, if not all of your guest can stay in the hotel creates a perfect wedding venue.

William Aiken House
- A meticulously restored historic landmark the William Aiken House combines a unique art collection with a mix of intimate rooms, private grounds, piazzas, pergoia's and a reflection pool to make for one awesome Charleston wedding location.

Lowndes Grove Estate
- A waterfront estate with exquisite guest accomodations, the Lowndes Grove estate dates back to 1701 and retains all of that heritage for you to use as a backdrop for your special day.

The Wickliffe House
- Close to MUSC the Wickliffe House displays rich and beautiful arcitecture from the Greek Corinthians which is popular among many old homes in Charleston. With enough space to house a 160 guest sit down dinner the Wickliffe house can serve as an awesome reception facility for your Charleston Wedding.

Boone Hall Plantation
- It's gonna be real hard to keep my Boone Hall description short so I will just summarize with a few keywords. Magnificent, Avenue of Oaks, Rich Heritage, meticulous grounds, peaceful.

Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation
- A venue within a venue.... The cotton dock is a great facility nesteled away in the woods of Boone Hall and right on the water. The Cotton Dock is a fantastic place to hold a reception and is sure to wow your friends and family even with minimal decorations.

Carolina Girl
- What about having your wedding on a boat??? NO, REALLY!!! Carolina girl is a very nice and spacious yacht that specializes in hosting weddings and events on board. This unique wedding venue also gives you an unparalleled look at Charleston as you literally get to see everything from passing under the Ravnell bridge to seeing the beautiful Charleston Battery from the water.

Carolina Girl
- The Carolina Yacht Club in Charleston would be a very nice facility to have your reception. With a large Ballroom overlooking the Charleston Harbor It's a gaurantee it will have enough rooom to handle most every wedding no matter how many guest you have.

Charleston Place
- If you want your wedding to say Charleston through and through there would be no better place than Charleston Place. The Charleston Place hotel runs adjacent to the popular King street and is withing walking distance of most every popular Charleston tourist attraction. The accomodations at the hotel are second to none and the Ballrooms and food services can make planning your wedding ceremony and or reception a much easier task rather than trying figure out food preperation and a facility seperately.

Doubletree Guest Suites
- Are you looking for a little bit more of an intimate gathering but want the simplicity that a nice hotel can offer you? Check out the Doubltree Guest Suites! While not as large Charleston Place the location is still premium and the facilities they offer are just as nice just on a smaller scale.

Legare Waring House
- The fact that the Legare Waring house is this far down our list proves that we have not sorted this in any order of what we like. Simply put the Legare Waring House is a magnificent wedding facility. You could throw metal folding chairs out in the Avenue of Oaks and it would be spectacular!! The property is literally suited for weddings of all sizes but if you have a large guest list and are planning on using the house for much of your festivities you may want go take a look at it. While awesome for getting prepared and for small groups to assemble in, the house by itself is surely not suited for large partys.

Westin Fancis Marion
- Another magnificent hotel located in the heart of downtown Charleston. Not as large as the Charleston Place but shares many of the same attributes when comparing looks and prime location.


Charleston Wedding Planners


As mentioned above, Charleson is a popular city for weddings. Many of those weddings are destination weddings which means that the couple may not live in or around Charleston. Not living close to your wedding location increases complexity of planning and insuring your day goes off without a hitch exponentially. The variety and amount of vendors that are available in Charleston is also overwhelming even if you live their. Because of these complexities hiring a wedding planner for your charleston wedding is pretty much an absolute must do item. We have worked with the following wedding planners and have been very impressed with their ability to pull an awesome event together and keep it flowing seamlessly all day long.

Duvall Catering
- Each time we have worked with Duvall, Jean Fisk, has been the go to point for all design and planning work that was done. Jean is the utmost professional, extermely organized, and one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet. The events that she pulls together are complex and absolutely amazing and she makes its seem easy.

By Invitation Only
- Melanie Murphy is not only a great wedding planner but also a great friend of ours. We met her while working and were extremely impressed with what she would come up with. She frequently blogs about events she is a part of so dont take our word for it.. Go check out her website and see for yourself!


Charleston Wedding Photographers


If you have tried to look for photographers recently you probably are hairless because of the overwhelming amount of options available. I certainly do not want to complicate an already complicated search so I am going to keep my list very short.

Charleston Wedding Photographer - Clark Berry Photography
- Clark Berry Photography is a unique husband and wife team. They are unique in that they are both professional photographers who continually advance their education and craft. Clark and Becki's style is super creative yet combined with a timeless elegance that I can assure will leave you happy with your photos even when you are showing them to your grandkids! Check out their website and you will be sold!


Charleston Wedding Band


When we listen to bands we listen not only on the wedding day but we listen as we edit dancing footage too.. We tell you this because our perception of many bands changes drastically after we have had a chance to sit down and really listen to them instead of trying to listen while having our eardrums blown out by loud speakers and partying guests.

Charleston Wedding Band - Travis Allison
- Travis Allison and his group of people he has assembled into his band are in one word PHENOMINAL!!! They sound awesome on the wedding day and seamlessly pump a ton of energy into the croud. They also sound awesome after the fact so you wont be wondering "what the heck was I thinking when I hired this band" as you relive your wedding through your video. :-)