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GA, NC, SC Wedding Photography

Behind the scenes info on the NC, SC, and GA wedding videographers.

      Thanks for visiting our site to find about our high quality Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina wedding videos. Hopefully you have learned enough here to choose us as your wedding videographer in GA, SC or NC.

      We'd like to take a minute to provide a little more personal information about us. We really enjoy giving each wedding video our personal attention to detail and meeting our unique brides and grooms, so we hope you will enjoy "meeting" us through this little about us blurb.


      Our company is made up of two primary individual and those two people are us!! James Player, and my wife is Marianna. We are so proud to be behind the wedding videos that are the absolute best available in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We are very hands-on throughout the whole process of creating your video, from consultations, to filming, editing, and delivery. Every step of the way, you can count on us and our team to deliver something that you will absolutely love.

      We were married in September of 1998, and in a twist of fate, a catastrophe at our own wedding sparked our desire to create wedding videos for couples. While we hired one of the best wedding photographers in our area, we decided to skimp on the videography and hire an amateur. Surely he could hold the camera and give us something better than a family member cuold do, right? Unfortunately, very wrong. The people we hired had professional equipment, but did not know how to use the equipment or provide even adequate coverage of a wedding. It took us several YEARS to get our video from him, and we were sorely disappointed with the results - uninteresting picture with horrible quality and virtually nonexistent audio.

      More than disappointed, feeling angry and cheated, we talked to other just-married couples, and heard very similar stories of pitiful wedding videos. Inspired to help other couples absolutely love their wedding videos, we plunged headfirst and passionately into acquiring the skills to become the best wedding videographers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina wedding videos. Along the way, we began offering cinematic wedding movies with the feel of Hollywood blockbusters, and these unique and captivating wedding videos became so popular, we branched off to create a second company, Player Wedding Films, to focus specifically on them. Absolute Productions and Media still focuses on its original intent of providing documentary style wedding videos of the absolute highest quality that every couple can afford.

      Our wedding video business takes up the majority of our time, and we find it very rewarding, but we value our family time as the most important. We have two wonderful sons, Matthew and Daniel, who are a blast and a joy. We're so lucky to have them, and love watching them grow (although it happens way too fast!). They are so different in personality, are two years apart, but thankfully get along well (for boys). Marianna and I have a variety of interests, but not much time for extracurriculars after weddings, family and friends.


All our best,
James & Marianna Player
Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina wedding videographers

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