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Providing wedding video services in Columbia, South Carolina

      Are you looking for the best quality wedding videographer in town? We are proud to offer the best wedding videos in the Carolinas and Georgia, and if your wedding location is near Columbia, South Carolina, you have found the right place! My name is James Player, and my wife Marianna and I have been creating high quality wedding videos since 2006 with our company Absolute Productions and Media.


      We have a personal disaster story regarding our own wedding video. The videographer for our wedding had no experience or professional skills. He came cheap, and that's what mattered to us at the time. But for ten years, we have regretted our decision, as my wife has fretted and frowned over the horrible quality outcome of our video. Fortunately, every beautiful video we have created for other brides and grooms has given us some sense of redemption knowing that our clients will have a quality wedding video that we never had.

      Our wedding videography business grew quickly as we added tricks and techniques to our repertoire, and soon we were using Hollywood film methods, which gave a completely unique look to our wedding videos. They became beautiful "wedding movies", with the bride and groom as the stars.

      These Hollywood-style, or cinematic wedding videos, differed from our original goal of high quality "as it happened" wedding videos, so we decided to branch off and offer them under a sister company, Player Wedding Films. We then were able to return Absolute Productions and Media to its original intent of documentary wedding videos with the utmost in quality.


      If you're ready to book your high quality wedding videographer for your wedding in Columbia, SC, please contact us to check our calendar. Documentary videos for weddings within 20 miles of Columbia, SC start at $1070.00, including tax and travel fees.

      For a complete list of packages, prices, and inclusions for our documentary wedding videography in Columbia, SC, please visit our customized Columbia, SC wedding video packages page. If your wedding is not in Columbia, SC, please select the closest city to your wedding location from the dropdown box at the top of this page, and we'll provide an accurate description of packages and prices in your city. Our videography services are available in all cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia; but we are more than willing to customize a package for you if you are outside that radius - just let us know!

      If you are impressed with our Documentary, "as it happened" wedding videos but would like to know more about having a wedding video completely unique from a stylistic point of view with the feel of a Hollywood blockbuster, please make sure to check out our sister company, Player Wedding Films. The wedding movies offered through Player Wedding Films currently start at $4500 and are simply unsurpassed in this region if you are looking for a movie-like experience from your wedding video.

      We appreciate every bride and groom who chooses us as their wedding videographer, and if you choose us, we will do everything we can to give you a wedding video you'll love and cherish!

James & Marianna Player
Columbia, SC wedding videographers

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