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Providing wedding video services in Augusta, Georgia

      If you are looking for a wedding videographer in or around Augusta, Georgia, we would be happy to provide the best wedding videos anywhere in the Southeast. We are James and Marianna Player, and we started Absolute Productions and Media in early 2006 with the passion to provide beautiful and high quality wedding videos that brides and grooms would cherish.


      We have a personal disaster story regarding our own wedding video. The videographer for our wedding had no experience or professional skills. He came cheap, and that's what mattered to us at the time. But for ten years, we have regretted our decision, as my wife has fretted and frowned over the horrible quality outcome of our video. Fortunately, every beautiful video we have created for other brides and grooms has given us some sense of redemption knowing that our clients will have a quality wedding video that we never had.

      As Marianna and I pushed ourselves to hone our wedding videography skills, our goal of creating quality wedding videos FAR surpassed what we ever initially envisioned. We began utilizing Hollywood-style editing and filming techniques and perfecting those techniques for our wedding videos. These techniques paid off in a huge way, as our brides and grooms absolutely loved their wedding videos and referred to them not as wedding videos but as wedding movies.

      The demand for our wedding movies soon grew so much that we branched off and created Player Wedding Films to focus specifically on this cinematic style of wedding movie. Absolute Productions and Media could then return to its original goal of offering high quality documentary-style wedding videos.


      Please contact us to check our availability for your Augusta, GA wedding. Documentary wedding video packages for locations within 20 miles of Augusta, GA begin at $1000.00, including tax and travel fees.

      For all of our packages, please visit our web page, which is fully customized for Augusta, GA wedding video packages. If your wedding is not in Augusta, GA, please choose your closest city from the dropdown box at the top of this page, and we will give a more accuate estimation of packages available in your location. We currently serve all cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia with high quality wedding videography, but if your wedding is in another state, contact us and we would be glad to customize a package for you.

      If you are looking for a movie-like experience from your wedding video, please visit our sister site, Player Wedding Films. Cinematic wedding movie packages start at $4500.

      Thank you for considering us for your wedding videography in Augusta, GA. We would be happy to have your business and create a wedding video you'll cherish for years to come!

James & Marianna Player
Augusta, GA wedding videographers

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