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Providing wedding video services in Asheville, North Carolina

      As you search for a wedding videographer near Asheville, NC, we hope you will find the information on our site valuable, and will choose us to provide a quality video of your wedding. My name is James Player, and my wife Marianna and I started Absolute Productions and Media in early 2006 with a driving passion to create extremely high quality wedding videos for our clients.


      When Marianna and I were married ten years ago, we chose a wedding videographer with little experience or credentials. We wanted to save money, and we figured, How hard can it be? They just set the camera up, and press record, right? But our horrible video makes us turn our heads to this day! The quality came out so poor that we literally cannot see or understand the words to the most magical day of our lives! That bad decision fuels our passion to give you a beautiful product with clear audio and visual, and beautiful attention to detail. If it were up to us, no other couple would ever again experience disappointment with their wedding videos.

      Our business was started with the simple goal of providing high quality recordings of couples' weddings inAsheville, NC, we soon learned more and more filming and editing techniques and even began using Hollywood-style techniques to create wedding videos that turned our more like movies than just quality recorded ceremonies. Our couples loved them, and our business expanded outside our hometown to include other large cities in the Carolinas and Georgia.

      These Hollywood-style, or cinematic wedding videos, differed from our original goal of high quality "as it happened" wedding videos, so we decided to branch off and offer them under a sister company, Player Wedding Films. We then were able to return Absolute Productions and Media to its original intent of documentary wedding videos with the utmost in quality.


      If you're ready to book your high quality wedding videographer for your wedding in Asheville, NC, please contact us to check our calendar. Documentary videos for weddings within 20 miles of Asheville, NC start at $1167.50, including tax and travel fees.

      To see all of our documentary packages, pricing, and inclusions, please visit our web page that is fully customized for our Asheville, NC wedding video packages. If for some reason you have been directed to this page in error and your wedding is not in or near Asheville, NC, please select the closest city to your wedding location from the dropdown box at the top of this page, so we can more accurately determine the packages and pricing available in your area. Our wedding videography services are typically available in all cities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, but if your wedding is out of this area, please let us know, as we are happy to customize a package for you.

      If you are considering our documentary wedding videos but would like to learn more about our Hollywood-style, cinematic wedding movies, please visit our sister company, Player Wedding Films, with packages currently starting at $4500.

      We appreciate every bride and groom who chooses us as their wedding videographer, and if you choose us, we will do everything we can to give you a wedding video you'll love and cherish!

James & Marianna Player
Asheville, NC wedding videographers

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