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Providing wedding video services in all of SC, NC, and GA.

      Thanks for visiting our website. As you look around for a wedding videographer that services South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia, we hope that you will find all the information on our site useful.

      Our goal of providing each couple with the personal attention and professional products is something that everyone deserves for their magical day. We enjoy getting to know couple we work with and hope that you enjoy reading this below information on us.

      Marianna and I have been married for a while now and when we got married, we had to make many of the same decisions that you are making now. One of those decision we made was to hire the absolute best photographer we could find in Greenville, SC which is where we got married. Since we had such a good photographer we decided to skimp on our video.

      The videographer we hired seemed to have all the right equipment, however, we would find out later that the knowledge of not only how to use that equipment but also how to cover a wedding ceremony was non existant.

      After we received our video we were greatly disappointed. The visuals were terrible and uninteresting, while the audio was all but nonexistent. It was so bad taht we literally watched it once and put it away.       Because of our disappointment, we started talking to other couples about their experiences with there wedding videos and were surprised to learn that this was fairly common. Either bad quality or not having one at all seemed to be the norm. That was when Marianna and I decided that we would do something different and unique and create a product that was drastically different than most wedding videographers in the SouthEast.

      The wedding videos that we produce are very important part of our lives but not the most important.

South Carolina Wedding PhotographyWe have two wonderful boys. Their names are Matthew and Daniel, and we enjoy every minute we spend with them. We are very lucky to have been blessed with them, and enjoy watching them grow and mature. Its funny to see how different in personality they are but in the same token they generally get along with each other together very well.       Marianna and I also enjoy spending time with our friends, and although we do not have a ton of extra time we do try to fit in as much as we can to give us a little break every now and then.

      We always enjoy working with the couples that hire us and love being able to to give them the best possible record of their memorable day. We hope to have the opportunity to meet with you and preserve all of the special memories that you will experience on your special day. If you have any questions about us or our work please contact us. We will be happy to share any info or assist you in any way that we can.

All our best,
James and Marianna Player
South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia wedding videographers.